Side Hustle In Malaysia

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money in Malaysia? You’ve come to the right place! I’m an expert on side hustles and have compiled this list of top ideas to help you earn more income. Whether it’s through freelancing, becoming a driver, or starting your own business, these are all great ways to supplement your current income. You could make money without sacrificing too much time or energy with just a little effort. So let’s start – here are Malaysia’s best side hustle ideas today!

Benefits Of A Side Hustle

Side hustles offer a unique opportunity to Malaysians looking for an extra way to make money. They provide the flexibility of working on something that interests you and allows you to do it around your current job or family commitments. Not only can side hustles in Malaysia bring in additional income, but they also allow you to develop new skills and explore different business ideas.

The best part about having a side hustle is that there’s no pressure and no commitment; you’re free to work as much or as little as you like. With enough dedication, a successful side hustle could open up many doors regarding career advancement and personal growth. You’ll gain valuable experience while expanding your network and building relationships with potential customers or partners.

What’s more, if done right, a side hustle can be extremely rewarding financially too! It gives people a chance to take control of their finances by supplementing their primary source of income with earnings from other sources. Plus, those who go down this route often find greater financial freedom, which helps them achieve their goals faster than ever!

Side Hustle Ideas

Freelance Writing/Editing

Freelance writing and editing are a great side hustle for Malaysians. Whether you have an eye for detail or are passionate about language, there’s always something to write about in Malaysia. You could offer your services on freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr or advertise directly through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can also specialise in certain areas of writing that interest you. For instance, if you’re familiar with the Malaysian education system, you could become an academic editor and help students polish their essays perfectly! Or, if tech topics excite you, why not focus on blog posts related to blockchain technology? This way, potential employers will take notice of your expertise right away.

No matter which niche you pursue, one thing remains constant: honing your craft requires practice and commitment. Keep at it, ask questions when needed – even collaborate with other freelancers if possible – and soon enough, clients will come knocking on your virtual door! In no time at all, this lucrative side hustle could be yours. All it takes is dedication and hard work – plus the ability to produce quality content that meets deadlines!

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are a great way to make side income in Malaysia. It’s also an opportunity to give back and help students learn valuable skills that will benefit them for years. With many parents looking for extra support during school holidays, tutors can provide much-needed guidance at a reasonable price.

The first step towards becoming a tutor is researching what teaching style works best for you. Are you comfortable with one-on-one instruction or would you prefer more extensive group sessions? Do you want to offer online classes, or do face-to-face lessons work better? Depending on your experience level, certain age groups and subjects may require more expertise than others. Once you’ve figured out what teaching style suits your needs, it’s time to start advertising your services!

Marketing yourself as a tutor is simple, but it does take some effort. You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach potential clients. You can also create flyers or postcards to distribute around schools and libraries. Please display your contact information, so people know how to contact you if they’re interested in booking your services. Being proactive about marketing yourself will increase the chances of getting hired by eager parents who need extra help for their kids’ education.

With the right tools and strategies, setting up a successful tutoring business in Malaysia doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is good planning and dedication – soon enough, you’ll find yourself helping students achieve their academic dreams while making some extra cash along the way!

Selling Hand-Made Products

Making and selling hand-made products is an excellent side hustle for Malaysians. Getting started doesn’t take much time or money, as most of the materials needed are widely accessible. Plus, you can create something unique that will stand out from mass-produced items sold in stores. From handmade clothes to jewellery and furniture, there’s so much potential to make something unique and earn extra income simultaneously!

The first step towards selling your handmade products is deciding what type of item you’d like to produce. Think about your skills, such as sewing or woodworking, and how these could be used to create lovely things people want to buy. Also, consider researching popular trends online for inspiration before starting on any projects.

Once you’ve settled on an idea, it’s time to source some supplies and begin crafting your product(s). This part requires patience and dedication, but anything is possible with enough practice! Also, remember that marketing plays a huge role in success – be sure to promote your work through social media platforms or other channels, so more customers know about it. With the right combination of creativity and hard work, anyone can start their lucrative side hustle by making and selling handcrafted products in Malaysia!

Online Coaching Services

Online coaching services are a great way to make money in Malaysia. With the proper knowledge and skills, you can become an expert coach on personal development, leadership, career advice or any other subject you choose. You could offer one-on-one sessions via Skype or video conference platforms like Zoom. Alternatively, you could develop online courses and webinars that people can purchase and access conveniently.

The beauty of offering these services is that they’re highly scalable; all you need is time and effort to help more clients grow in their respective fields. It’s also more accessible than ever to set up an online business with minimal overhead costs. You must create content within your niche market and promote yourself through digital marketing channels such as social media or email campaigns.

With the internet connecting people worldwide, now may be the best time for aspiring entrepreneurs in Malaysia to tap into this lucrative opportunity! Through proper planning and dedication, one can quickly build a successful side hustle in Malaysia from scratch – no exceptional degree is required! So why not take advantage of this excellent chance to create something meaningful while making extra income?

Home Renovation And Maintenance Services

Home renovation and maintenance services are in high demand in Malaysia. With the increasing population, there is an ever-expanding need for people who can provide this service professionally. Homeowners often require assistance with basic home repairs and more complex renovations involving remodelling rooms or updating features like lighting or flooring.

There is a lot of potentials to make money by providing these services. You will need some experience in construction and repair work, but even if you have little prior knowledge, it’s possible to learn the skills quickly and start offering your services locally. Plenty of opportunities are available depending on what type of home renovation and maintenance you specialise in, from tiling bathrooms to painting walls, installing new appliances, and fixing leaky faucets!

Ensuring customers return time after time is critical when considering any side hustle business venture. By offering quality customer service and efficiently completing jobs, word-of-mouth referrals will be invaluable for building your client base. Not only do satisfied clients mean more repeat business, but they also become valuable ambassadors for your brand, which will also help attract additional customers.

A successful home renovation and maintenance business requires commitment and dedication but has huge rewards for those willing to put in the effort – both financially and personally!

Event Planning And Coordination Services

If you are a natural people-person and enjoy organising events, then event planning and coordination services could be your perfect side hustle in Malaysia. As an event planner, it is your job to bring together all of the elements of successful parties and functions such as birthdays, weddings, business meetings or seminars. You will need to coordinate transportation, catering, decorations and more. Here are some ideas on how to start offering this service:

  • Create a website that outlines what services you offer and provide packages with different pricing options
  • Advertise in local newspapers or online classifieds
  • Reach out to companies who may require your assistance with corporate events
  • Offer discounted rates if customers purchase multiple packages

You can make great money through event planning by using word-of-mouth marketing alone. It doesn’t matter if you specialise in large-scale parties or small intimate get-togethers; clients will appreciate having someone they trust to handle all aspects of their event, so they don’t have too much stress leading up to the big day! Your creativity and strong organisational skills will ensure success when running your own business as an event planner. Start putting yourself out there today and watch your client list grow!


Blogging is a great way to make money in Malaysia. It can be done from the comfort of your home, and you don’t need any extra equipment or knowledge to get started. Plus, monetising your blog with ads or affiliate links is relatively e.

Pro Con
Low barrier to entry Highly competitive market
Can monetise quickly Slow return on investment
Easy access to support networks Time-consuming

For those interested in blogging as a side hustle, plenty of online resources cover topics such as SEO optimisation and content marketing strategies. You can also join various Facebook groups dedicated to Malaysian bloggers who offer advice and support for fellow entrepreneurs. Furthermore, many business owners have found success by using their blogs as an additional platform for reaching out to potential customers and building brand awareness.

If you want to try this side hustle, research what kind of niche would suit your interests best. Once you’ve chosen a topic, create high-quality content and promote it across social media channels. Lastly, focus on providing value through your posts, so people come back again, generating more traffic and potential income streams in the process!

Food Delivery Service

Moving onto the next side hustle idea, let’s consider food delivery services. Here in Malaysia, we have a variety of options when it comes to delivering meals. From local restaurants to home-cooked dishes, there are many opportunities for those looking to make extra money.

One way to get started is by signing up with a delivery service such as GrabFood or FoodPanda. These apps allow you to choose your hours and work around your schedule. You’ll be able to pick up restaurant orders and deliver them right to customers’ doorsteps! Here are just a few benefits that come with being part of a food delivery service:

  • Flexibility – Choose your hours and take time off whenever you need it
  • Variety – Deliver different types of meals depending on what customers order
  • Convenience – No more worrying about parking spaces or traffic jams
  • Earnings – Receive payment directly into your bank account after each successful delivery

Being part of an established food delivery service has perks, but if you’re ambitious, why not create one yourself? It may require some effort upfront, but this could be an opportunity for you to build something from scratch and earn even more income. You only need a website or app where customers can place orders and reliable drivers to deliver for you. Once everything is set up, you’ll soon earn passive income without leaving the comfort of your home!

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services are an excellent way to make money by doing a side hustle in Malaysia. It’s a great side hustle for those with the skills and talent for visual creativity. With this service, you can create designs ranging from logos, flyers, business cards, banners, and other promotional materials. You can also offer web designing services as well. Essential software like Photoshop or Illustrator will be needed to start your graphic design side hustle. Once you’re set up and ready to go, it’s time to advertise your services online and through word of mouth to attract customers.

When it comes to pricing your services, be sure that they are competitive yet still profitable. Consider factors such as the project’s complexity and how long it would take you to complete it when setting prices. Remember that clients may be more likely to hire someone who offers quality work at affordable rates, so don’t be afraid to negotiate if needed! Lastly, remember that customer satisfaction should always come first – keep communication lines open throughout the entire process and ensure that all their needs are met to remain happy with the result. By offering these tips on starting a successful graphic design side hustle in Malaysia, we hope you’ll find success with this venture!

Social Media Management Services

Transition: Besides Graphic Design Services, another great way to make an income from the comfort of your home is through Social Media Management Services.

Social media management requires a lot of dedication and effort to succeed. It can involve creating content for various social platforms, engaging with followers, responding to comments and messages, monitoring analytics, and more. While it may sound daunting, managing social media accounts is quite simple once you get used to it! Many companies are willing to pay handsomely for this type of work.

One thing that sets Malaysia apart as a side hustle opportunity is its diverse range of social media services available. Whether you’re looking for freelancing opportunities or full-time positions at established firms, plenty of options are available. You could specialise in helping small businesses create campaigns on Facebook or Instagram; manage online communities; develop strategies for influencer marketing; or even do consultation work related to all aspects of digital marketing. The possibilities for making money from social media management services in Malaysia are endless!

With so much potential for success and financial gain, why not go? Leverage your skillset and knowledge base by offering top-notch service – you’ll soon see results!

Virtual Assistant Services

Are you looking for a great side hustle idea in Malaysia? Look no further than virtual assistant services! Virtual assistant services provide a fantastic opportunity to make money while helping others with tasks they can’t do themselves. This section will look at how to start offering virtual assistant services and the unique ways you can market your business.

Services Cost Benefits
Email Management RM50/hourly Quicker response time for clients & flexibility of schedule for VAs
Online Research RM60/hourly Save time on research, giving you more time to focus on other activities.
Social Media Posting RM70/hourly Keeps social media accounts up-to-date with relevant content that resonates with followers
Calendar Scheduling RM80/hourly Assists busy professionals who don’t have the time or energy to manage their calendar

To get started as a virtual assistant, it is essential to understand what type of service people need most and create packages tailored to them. Let’s set realistic prices for each package and clearly outline all expectations between yourself and potential customers upfront. Additionally, it is beneficial to use online tools such as Upwork or Fiverr when starting until you build enough clientele where referrals become your primary source of business.

Marketing your virtual assistant business may require creativity, but many powerful strategies can help increase visibility in local markets. For instance, using SEO tactics such as keyword optimisation and creating blog posts related to topics within your industry helps attract potential customers searching for specific information through Google searches. Additionally, participating in forums and conversations via Twitter provides additional opportunities to showcase your expertise and meet new contacts who could eventually become paying customers.

Getting involved with networking events hosted by various associations within your area gives you another platform to share your experience working as a virtual assistant while raising awareness about the benefits of hiring one, as well as connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs that offer complementary services which allow collaboration on projects making them even more accessible to complete efficiently than if done alone. With these tips in mind, now is the perfect time to start providing valuable assistance virtually from anywhere around Malaysia!

Photography/Videography Services

Photography and videography services can offer a great side hustle opportunity in Malaysia. With the power of social media, it’s easier than ever to promote your services online. Money can be made whether you’re a professional photographer or dabble in photography as a hobby. Clients are always looking for quality images that they can use on their websites, ads, and other marketing materials.

Videographers also have plenty of opportunities to make extra cash from side jobs. From creating promotional videos for businesses to shooting weddings and special events, there are many ways to monetise your skills as a videographer. You’ll need some equipment – cameras, lights, mics etc., but once you’ve got the basics covered, you can quickly start offering your services to clients in no time.

In addition to providing physical services such as photography and videography, those with an eye for design may succeed by creating digital products such as logos and templates, which could be sold through stock photo sites or directly from their website. This side hustle requires minimal overhead costs, so anyone with an artistic flair should try it!


It’s no secret that a side hustle can bring in some extra income and help to supplement your day job. Malaysia is full of opportunities for those willing to explore the possibilities. From freelance writing, tutoring services, selling hand-made products, online coaching services and more – there are plenty of ways to make money on the side here.

Anyone can succeed with their side hustle in Malaysia if they put in the effort and take action. Whether you want to start freelancing or selling handmade products, having an entrepreneurial spirit will go a long way towards helping you achieve success. Of course, this requires dedication and hard work, but it’ll be worth it when you see the rewards come through!

Overall, starting up a side hustle in Malaysia is doable for anyone looking for additional income. With all these ideas available, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that best suits your skillset and interests. Good luck on your journey as an entrepreneur!

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