MBSB Bank Loan

MBSB stands for Malaysia Building Society Berhad, a company incorporated in 1950 initially as the Federal and Colonial Building Society Limited. It’s a fully-fledged Islamic Bank in Malaysia, providing Shariah compliant banking facilities to various customer segments including retail, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and corporate customers.

MBSB Bank in Malaysia provides a variety of loan services catering to different needs. Here are some of the loan services offered by MBSB Bank:

Personal Financing

  • Mumtaz-i: A personal financing facility for permanent employees of the public sector and selected GLCs (Government-Linked Companies) with a financing amount of up to RM250,000.
  • Afdhal-i (Public Sector), Mumtaz-i (Public Sector), Private Sector-i: MBSB Bank provides three types of personal loans. Afdhal-i and Mumtaz-i are tailored for the public sector, while Private Sector-i is for individuals in the private sector. The eligibility and other details for these loans are not specified in the website.

Property Financing

  • Ultimate Home Financing-i: This is a property financing facility to purchase commercial property with a financing amount ranging from RM500,000 up to RM10 million.
  • Property Financing-i: MBSB Bank’s property financing offers flexible Takaful (Islamic insurance) coverage, no early settlement charges, and allows the use of a home loan calculator to determine monthly repayments and interest rates. They provide a zero entry cost package and a longer tenure period for repayments.

Education Financing-i

MBSB Bank also provides education financing. However, the details regarding this service are not specified in the website.

MBSB Bank continues to evolve its financial products and services to meet the needs of its customers in Malaysia. They offer innovative financial products even though they do not hold a banking license, and their loan services are designed to cater to different segments of the population including the public sector, private sector, and those looking to finance property purchases.

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