Koperasi Tentera Loan

Koperasi Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Berhad, also known as Koperasi Tentera, is a cooperative in Malaysia. It was established to serve members of the Malaysia Armed Forces. Over the years, it has transformed from a military thrift and loan cooperative into one of the nation’s leading credit cooperatives, extending its personal loan services to the general public.

Here are some details regarding the loan services offered by Koperasi Tentera, as per the information available:

Personal Loans

Koperasi Tentera offers two types of personal loans: one for financing amounts up to RM15,000 and another for financing amounts between RM15,001 to RM200,000 (with guarantor) and up to RM100,000 (without guarantor).

For financing amounts up to RM15,000, a service fee of RM30 per month is charged, while for financing amounts between RM15,001 to RM200,000 (with guarantor) and up to RM100,000 (without guarantor), a service fee of RM40 per month is charged.

Loan Extension to the Public

Koperasi Tentera has announced plans to extend its personal loan services to the general public, allowing more people to benefit from their loan offerings.

The cooperative is recognised for its commitment to creating value and providing service to its members, primarily comprised Armed Forces personnel and individuals working under the Ministry of Defence. Through their loan services, Koperasi Tentera aims to provide financial support and relief to needy individuals, showcasing their dedication to serving a broader community over time.


Koperasi Tentera (KT) is a cooperative in Malaysia established to improve the socio-economic status and welfare of military personnel and civil servants working under the Ministry of Defence Malaysia. Over the past 59 years, KT has grown from an army thrift and loan cooperative into the leading credit cooperative in Malaysia. As of July 2023, KT has served over 156,000 members and is on a trajectory to become a fully-fledged Co-op Bank registered with the Co-operative Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

KT’s vision is to become a first-rate cooperative recognised for its identity, competence, and ability to provide optimum benefits to its members. Its mission is to improve members’ socio-economic status and welfare by consistently providing quality services and competitive returns, to achieve the highest level of professionalism and credibility and to be at the forefront of the cooperative movement.

The cooperative provides various financial services, including Shariah-compliant financing designed to meet the needs of its members. These financing services include personal loans with and without guarantors, express financing, and a special package for retirees called peSARA-i. Additionally, in 2012, KT ventured into Islamic pawnbroking through Ar-Rahnu Koperasi Tentera (Ar-RahnuKT), providing a Shariah-compliant financial service open to all members of Koperasi Tentera and the public who are looking for alternatives to instant cash financing while avoiding ‘riba’ in pawnbroking.

Membership in KT is open to all Malaysian Armed Forces personnel, civil servants serving with the Ministry of Defence, and retirees from the Armed Forces. To become a member, individuals can download the Membership Form from the KT website.

For more information, you can visit the Koperasi Tentera website.

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