Chailease Berjaya Credit Motor Loan

Berjaya Credit Sdn Bhd is a company based in Malaysia, incorporated on December 2, 1991, with the primary business activities encompassing acting as a general insurance agent, selling motorcycles and consumer durable products on credit under hire purchase terms and equal payment schemes. It also offers personal loans, providing approvals within 30 minutes to cater to applicants’ financial needs.

On a related note, Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn Bhd is a distinct entity incorporated in Malaysia on September 9, 2015. This company is a joint venture between Chailease Holding Company Limited and Berjaya Corporation Berhad, focusing on extending credit facilities via hire purchase or easy payment agreements for selling and purchasing various vehicles and consumer goods. Under the Berjaya banner, these entities contribute to a broader financial services ecosystem in Malaysia, offering consumers different financing and credit options.

How to apply for a Berjaya Credit motor loan?

To apply for a Berjaya Credit motor loan, prospective borrowers may need to visit a Berjaya Credit branch or contact them directly for detailed application procedures, providing necessary documentation and fulfilling eligibility criteria as required. You can follow this step-by-step process:

  1. You can visit the nearest Chailease Berjaya branch to start the loan application process. The representatives at the branch will be able to help you with the necessary steps.
  2. Check the download page on the Chailease Berjaya website. Download and fill-up the form.
  3. Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria: individuals aged 18 years and above, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Private Limited, and Public Limited Companies are eligible to apply for the motor loan.

How to pay Chailease Berjaya Credit motor loan?

To make a monthly payment for a Chailease Berjaya Credit motor loan, you may refer to the payment guideline provided along with your Hire Purchase or Hire Purchase-i agreement. If you opt for online payment, choosing the Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) services is recommended. If you have any questions or need assistance with payment, contact their payment hotline at 03-76660888 ext 11810 or email [email protected].

You might find relevant payment information on your agreement or by contacting their customer service for further guidance.

How do I contact Berjaya Credit?

The details about the loan, such as financing rates, tenure, and other conditions, might be discussed once you visit the branch and interact with the representatives. For more information, you should contact Chailease Berjaya directly via their contact number (+603-7666 0888) or email ([email protected]).

There seems to be some connection between Berjaya Credit and Singer Malaysia regarding motor loans, as seen on Singer Malaysia’s e-Kredit Application Form, where the applicant authorises Singer/Berjaya Credit to evaluate their credit for a loan application. This suggests other avenues or partnerships exist to apply for a motor or car loan from Berjaya Credit. Exploring these options and contacting the concerned parties for more accurate information is best.


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